Asylum Research Cypher VRS

Characterization Technique: Video-rate/High-speed AFM

The Cypher VRS AFM is a full-featured video-rate AFM. It can measure nanoscale dynamic processes at video-rate speeds including conformational changes of proteins, formation of macromolecular assemblies, among many other dynamic processes that are difficult to trace and analyze with conventional approaches. The AFM offers high resolution video-rate imaging at up to 625 lines per second which results in up to 10 frames per second imaging of nanometer sized samples in liquid. Additional modes and accessories

Technique Advantages

  • High resolution video-rate imaging at up to 625 lines per second which leads to at least 10× faster imaging than current “fast scanning” AFMs.
  • Captures data directly to a video format, not individual image frames
  • Capture images at high pixel density (512×512) in just over a second, or reduce scan lines to achieve video rates >10 fps
  • blueDrive photothermal excitation makes video-rate AFM simple and stable
  • Scanner is extremely robust and fully sealed against liquid spills for complete reliability
  • Motorized laser and detector alignment make quick work of instrument setup

Typical Applications

  • High resolution imaging of biological samples in buffer solution (viral particles, hydrogels applications and individual biomolecules)
  • Fast mechanical modulus mapping of surfaces with up to 1000 Hz mapping speed (Young’s modulus, Adhesion, Storage-Loss modulus)
  • Environmental stage/sample cell (temperature 10-100°C, inert gas atmosphere e.g. Nitrogen)
  • Time resolved imaging of biological processes in buffer solution with nanometer resolution

Video rate AFM imaging the dynamics of cytoskeleton reorganization