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Lab Tracking

Your accrued charges will be managed by the Research Instrumentation Management System (RIMS), which is a web-based software tool for reserving, tracking, and billing facilities usage.


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MCL XRD Training Instructions

To Become an Independent user on MCL's X-ray Diffraction Equipment, please follow and complete the instructions below:

  1. Set up a RIMS account and add a budget/fund. Instructions
  2. Complete the EH&S requirements for "Radiation Safety Education for Radiation Producing Equipment (X-ray)" training. You will receive a certificate of completion from EH&S. Instructions
  3. Complete the EH&S requirements for Laboratory Safety training. You will receive (4)  certificates of completion from EH&S. Instructions
  4. Upload (5) certificates received in the previous steps [(1)Training Certificate for Initial X-ray Safety and (4) Laboratory Safety Training (initial)] here
  5. E-mail Jen three items:
    1. The date that you enrolled in the hands-on session "Radiation Safety Education for Radiation Producing Equipment (X-ray)" in step 2 above.
    2. Your availability for one week after you attend "Radiation Safety Education for Radiation Producing Equipment (X-ray) training.
    3. A date from the list below to attend a 1 hour Basic XRD Tutorial scheduled from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  This covers basic diffraction theory. You can do this prior to taking "Radiation Safety Education for Radiation Producing Equipment (X-ray)” as long as you have a valid budget/fund in RIMS.

      Wednesday, August 28
      Thursday, September 12
      Wednesday, September 25 (2:30 p.m. in N-203A MSC)
      Thursday, October 10
      Wednesday, October 23
      Thursday, November 7
      Wednesday, November 20
      Friday, December 6
      Wednesday, December 18

Jen will schedule your Initial Instrument training (N-008 MSC) and Basic XRD Tutorial (N-050A MSC).
You must bring at least two samples, a tablet, and a pen or pencil to Initial Instrument training. 
Upon completion of this session, using materials provided in the lab and/or your notes, you should be able to operate the instrument independently.

Following initial instrument training, the analyst will schedule a Solo Session on the instrument. This is typically a 1 ½ hour session in which you will demonstrate that you are competent on the tool. A solo session involves you operating the tool independently while a staff member is present to help if needed.  You must come prepared with at least two samples to measure and notes you took during training.

When you successfully complete your solo session you will be granted access to the tool.

If you have questions on any of these steps, please contact Jen.