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Large Area SEM Imaging @ High Resolution

Did you know that it is possible to automate SEM image collection? Would you like to overlay lower resolution SEM/optical images while having the ability to zoom in at high resolution? Learn about this capability and other unique SEM modalities by contacting Wes Auker

EDS Class at MCL: Getting good data

EDS is a simple, easy-to-use tool for gathering data on elemental compositions. It is best used for a qualitative look at the elements present in your sample and a rough idea of relative amounts. However, there are a number of factors that can influence how "good" your data turns out. This 1-hour workshop is intended to show you the problems that can arise with collecting and analyzing EDS data and measures you can take to prevent these problems.

The lecture will include basics of how the EDS detector works and real-world examples of "bad" data and how to avoid this in your projects. The goal of MCL is not only to provide world-class instrumentation but also to help on acquiring the very best data possible.

There will be a half-hour after the lecture to discuss any questions you may have and/or specifics related to your own samples. Dr. Katherine Crispin will be teaching the class. She is an expert in quantitative analysis using EDS and WDS.

We welcome any attendees regardless of whether you are here at Penn State or in Industry and whether or not you have used EDS in the past or are thinking about EDS in the future. This class will be taught continuously in the future for new users.

- The class is free of charge.
- Due to COVID, this class will be online via Zoom.
- Link will be sent to registered participants.

The next four available dates are:

  • Tuesday, Sept 22, 1pm via Zoom
  • Wednesday, Sept 30, 4:30pm via Zoom
  • Thursday, Oct 8, 1pm via Zoom
  • Wednesday, Oct 14, 11am via Zoom

Any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Katherine Crispin (

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