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MCL Sample Analysis Request

Use this form to request an analysis for your sample. Fill out all the required fields and click the Submit button, and your request will be sent to our team. Someone will review the request and get back to you quickly.

At this time the available requested techniques are limited. If your desired technique isn't listed, you can still request an analysis by sending an email to

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Please enter your Penn State email address. Use the basic address form ({psuaccessid} and do not use any aliases. Additional information can be retrieved from the PSU Access ID, and so it's the preferred identifier.

Please visit to learn how to create an account for RIMS.

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Please indicate your preference for the disposition of your sample once analysis is completed. If you do not make arrangements to collect your sample it will be disposed of 30 days after receipt.


All work done, or services provided, by the University are on a reasonable efforts basis. The University does not warrant or guarantee any results from a given project.