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PFM2014 - The Third International Symposium on Phase-field Method 2014 was held August 26th-29th, 2014 at State College, following the First Workshop on Phase-Field Modelling in Materials Science (1999) and the Second Symposium on Phase-field Modelling in Materials Science (2009). The purpose of the conference is to bring together scientists from universities and research labs, engineers from industry, graduate students, postdocs who are actively involved in the development and applications of phase-field models or who are interested in learning phase-field modeling of microstructure evolution to review the current status and identify future directions of phase-field method.


Photo wall of PFM 2014

Poster and Presentation Awards


Dr. Yunzhi Wang from Ohio State University received Micress Award for Best Engineering Application of Phase-field Modelling.


11 out of all poster presenters received Poster Awards.

Gold Awards:

Pierre-Antoine Geslin - Northeastern University

Karim Ahmed - Purdue University

Yang Seok Hwang - Iowa State University

Silver Awards:

Ye Cao - Pennsylvania State University

Rachel Zucker - Massachusetts institute of technology

Akinori Yamanaka - Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Bronze Awards:

Jia-Mian Hu - Pennsylvania State University

Nan Wang - Pennsylvania State University

Kumar Ankit - Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

Tomohiro Takaki - Kyoto Institute of Technology

Yamazaki Toshihiro - Tohoku University