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Former Students, Postdoctors and Visiting Scientists


Mr. Dorran Schultz (B.S. 1994)

Dr. Ram Poduri (M.S. 1995, Ph.D. 1996), Senior Consultant at Mainspring Consulting Group LLC, Plano, Texas

Mr. Chad Cannon (B.S. 1996)

Dr. Danan Fan (Ph.D. 1996), Energizer Corporation, Ohio

Mr. Wei Yang (M.S. 1996), SOA Developer at U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C.

Mr. Paul Smith (Undergraduate Student, 1996)

Mr. M. K. Venkitachalam (M.S. 1998), India

Dr. Shenyang Hu (Visiting Scientist 1999 – 2000, Ph.D. 2004, Postdoc 2004 – 2005), Pacific Northwest National Lab in Richland, Washington. Email:

Dr. Venu Vaithyanathan (Ph.D. 2002), Integration Engineer at SunEdison Inc., Missouri

Dr. Jingzhi Zhu (Ph.D. 2002, Postdoc 2002 – 2004), Ab Initio Corporation, Boston, Massachusetts; MIT Koch Cancer Institute, Massachusetts. Email:

Mr. Liang Di (Undergraduate Student 2002 and 2004), Principal Engineer at Cadence Design Systems in San Jose, California

Mr. John McGrorey (B.S. 2003), Materials Group at U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C.

Professor Xingqiao Ma (Visiting Ph.D. at Hong Kong Poly U 2003, Visiting Professor 2011), Professor and Department Head of Physics, Beijing University of Science and Technology, China. Email:

Professor Koray Ozturk (Ph.D. 2003), Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey. Email:

Mr. Scott Moken (Undergraduate Student 2003 - 2004)

Dr. Chao Jiang (Ph.D. 2004), Materials Scientist at Thermo-Calc Software in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Email:

Mr. Jianwei Wang (M.S. 2004), China

Mr. Gary Paradee (Undergraduate Student 2005 – 2006), Process Engineer at Intel Corporation, Oregon

Dr. Dongwon Shin (Ph.D. 2006), R&D Staff Member at Oak Ridge National Lab, Tennessee. Email:

Dr. Tao Wang (Ph.D. 2006), Carpenter Technology

Dr. Jingxian Zhang (Ph.D. 2008, Postdoc 2008), Advanced Lead Engineer at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio. Email:

Professor Samrat Choudhury (Ph.D. 2008, Postdoc 2008), Assistant Professor of Chemical & Materials Engineering, University of Idaho, Idaho. Email:

Dr. Manjeera Mantina (Ph.D. 2008), St Louis, Missouri

Mr. Ryan Wu (B.S. 2008)

Mr. Ryan Fowler (B.S. 2008), Metallurgist at U.S. Air Force in Edmond, Oklahoma

Ms. Dorothea Tseng (Undergraduate Student 2008 - 2009), Air Products

Mr. Josh Sayre (B.S. 2009), Research Engineer at HarbisonWalker International in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ms. Kacie Stewart (B.S. 2009)

Dr. Weiming Feng (Ph.D. 2009), California

Mr. Josh Sheldon (B.S. 2010), Mechanical Engineer at Schlumberger, Houston, Texas

Mr. Patrick Mangiagli (B.S. 2010), Solutions Consultant at Axis Group in New York, New York

Mr. Chris Elwell (B.S. 2010)

Mr. Mohammad Azim Uddin (Undergraduate Student 2010 - 2011), Field Actions Specialist, Clinical Product Surveillance at CooperSurgical in Trumbull, Connecticut

Dr. Hui Zhang (Ph.D. 2010), Development Engineer at Diamond Innovations in Worthington, Ohio. Email:

Dr. Guang Sheng (Ph.D. 2011), Advanced Engineer at Owens Corning in Granville, Ohio. Email:

Professor Kunok Chang (Ph.D. 2011), Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea. Email:

Dr. June Hyuk Lee (Ph.D. 2011), Argonne National Lab, Illinois

Ms. Wenting Xing (B.S. 2011, M.S. 2012), MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Email:

Mr. Chen Duan (M.S. 2012)

Dr. Benjamin Winchester (Ph.D. 2012), Sandia National Lab, New Mexico. Email:

Dr. Charles Brooks (Ph.D. 2012), Los Angeles, California. Email:

Dr. Che-Hui Lee (Ph.D. 2012), TSMC, Taiwan. Email:

Dr. Tae Wook Heo (Ph.D. 2012, Postdoc 2012 – 2013), Lawrence Livermore National Lab, California. Email:

Professor Ye Cao, Ph. D. (2014 - 2017), Assistant Professor, Materials Sciende and Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington. Texas. Email:

Dr. Yijia Gu (Ph.D. 2014), Senior Engineer at ALCOA, Pennsylvania. Email:

Dr. Jason Britson (Ph.D. 2015), Intel Corporation, Oregon. Email:

Dr. Brian Vanleeuwen (Ph.D. 2015), Data Scientist at Two Sigma in Houston, Texas. Email:

Mr. Haowei Zhang (M.S. 2015), Investment Manager at Wanjia Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China.

Ms. Fengyi Yu (M.S. 2015 - 2017), Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. Email:

Dr. Zijian Hong (Ph.D. 2017), Carnegie Melon University. Email:


Post Doctorates

Professor Dongyang Li (Postdoc 1995 - 1997), Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering at University of Alberta, Canada. Email:

Dr. Qiang Wang (Postdoc 1995 - 1997), Sarnoff Corporation in New Jersey

Professor Xin Yu (Postdoc 1998 – 1999), Associate Professor, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Youhai Wen (Postdoc 1998 - 2000), Materials Engineer at U.S. Department of Energy, Oregon. Email:

Professor Carl E. Krill (Habilitation 2000) Professor at Institute of Micro and Nanomaterials, University of Ulm, Germany. Email:

Dr. Yulan Li (Postdoc/Research Associate 2000 - 2009), Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Lab, Richland, Washington. Email:

Dr. Dongjin Seol (Postdoc 2003 – 2005), Principal Engineer at Samsung Corporation, Korea

Dr. Chinnappan Ravi (Postdoc 2003 – 2005), Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Division of Materials Science, India

Dr. Shihuai Zhou (Postdoc 2004 - 2005), Scientist at Ames Lab in Ames, Iowa. Email:

Dr. Liangjun Li (Postdoc 2011), Michigan Engineering Services, Michigan

Professor Qun Li (Postdoc 2011), Associate Professor of Mechanics at Xi'an Jiao Tong University, China. Email:

Professor Saswata Bhattacharya (Postdoc 2008 - 2011), Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Hyderabad, India. Email:

Dr. Linyun Liang (Visiting Student 2009 – 2010, Postdoc 2011-2013), Argonne National Lab, Illinois. Email:

Dr. Liang Hong (Postdoc 2011 – 2014), Rice University in Huston, Texas. Email:

Dr. Nan Wang (Postdoc 2013 – 2015), McGill University, Canada. Email:

Professor Lei Chen (Postdoc 2013 - 2015), Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University, MS. Email:

Professor Houbing Huang (Visiting Student from Beijing University of Science and Technology 2011 – 2013, Visiting Postdoc 2013 – 2015), Assistant Professor at University of Science and Technology Beijing, China. Email:

Professor Kasra Momeni (Postdoc/Research Associate 2015 - 2016), Assistant Professor at Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana. Email:

Professor Jiamian Hu (Visiting Student from Tsinghua University 2010-2011, Postdoc/Research Associate 2013-2017), Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Email:


Visiting Scholars

Mr. Chengwei Geng (Visiting Scientist 1993 - 1995), Canada

Professor Helena Zapolsky (Visiting Professor 1999) Professor of Materials Physics at University of Rouen, France. Email:

Professor Jie Shen (Visiting Professor under an NSF Interdisciplinary Math Program, 1999 –2000), Professor of Mathematics, Purdue University, Indiana. Email:

Dr. Uwe Grafe (Visiting Scientist 2000), Germany

Professor Hyuck Mo Lee (Visiting Professor 2000 - 2001) Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at KAIST, Korea. Email:

Professor Jaeho Choi (Visiting Professor 2001 - 2002), Professor of Department of Advanced Metal and Materials Engineering, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea

Dr. Dongjin Seol (Visiting Student 2001 - 2002), Seoul National University, Korea

Dr. Mathieu Bouville (Visiting Postdoc 2005), Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore. Email:

Professor Shinwoo Kim (Visiting Professor 2005 - 2006), Professor of Materials Engineering, Hoseo University, Korea

Professor Pingping Wu (Visiting Graduate Student, Beijing University of Science and Technology, China, 2007 – 2010), Head of Materials Science and Engineering Department, Xiamen Institute of Technology, China. Email:

Mr. Lifeng Wang (Visiting Student 2008 - 2009), China

Mr. Yoshinori Ito (Visiting Scientist 2009 – 2010), Kobe Corporation, Japan

Ms. Song Hao (Visiting Graduate Student 2010 - 2012), School of Mechanical Engineering ath Shandong University, China. Email:

Dr. Lifei Du (Visiting Graduate Student 2010 – 2012), Lecturer, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, China. Email:

Professor Yanli Lu (Visiting Professor 2011 – 2012), Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwest Technological University, China. Email:

Dr. Daniel Jason Franzbach (Visiting Graduate Student 2012), Consultant at d-fine GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Mr. Honghai Zhang (Visiting Graduate Student 2012), Zhejiang University, China

Ms. Xiaohua Liu (Visiting Graduate Student 2012), Zhejiang University, China

Mr. Zhenyi Ni (Visiting Graduate Student 2012), Zhejiang University, China

Ms. Menglei Li (Visiting Graduate Student 2012 - 2013), Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, China

Ms. Guoping Cao (Visiting Graduate Student 2012 - 2014), University of Science and Technology of Beijing, China. Email:

Mr. Kaiping Wang (Visiting Undergraduate Student 2013), Zhejiang University, China

Mr. Honghui Wu (Visiting Graduate Student 2013), University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong, HongKong

Professor Wenbo Liu (Visiting Graduate Student 2013 - 2014), Tsinghua University. Assistant Professor at Xi'an Jiao Tong University, China. Email:

Professor Guanghui Zhao (Visiting Professor 2013 - 2014), Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology, China. Email:

Dr. Pengcheng Song (Visiting Graduate Student 2013 - 2015), Tsinghua University, China. Email:

Dr. Toshihiro Yamazaki (Visiting Graduate Student 2014), Japan. Email:

Dr. Chengchao Hu (Visiting Graduate Student 2014 - 2016), Lecturer of Materials Science and Engineering at Liaocheng University, China. Email:

Miss Xinmei Xu (Visiting Undergraduate Student 2015), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Dr. Yongbiao Wang (Visiting Graduate Student 2014 - 2016), Zhengzhou University, China

Dr. Chao Yang (Visiting Graduate Student 2015 - 2016), University of Science and Technology of Beijing, China

Professor Qiu-An Huang (Visiting Scholar 2015 - 2016), Associate Professor at Hubei University, China

Professor Yongming Hu (Visiting Scholar 2016), Professor at Hubei University, China

Professor Zheng Chen (Visiting Scholar 2016 - 2017), Associate Professor at China University of Mining and Technology

Dr. Yuhui Huang (Visiting Graduate Student from Zhejiang University, China, 2015 - 2017), Postdoc at Zhejiang University, China

Dr. Ruyichiro Oguma (Visiting Scholar 2016 - 2017), Department of Applied Physics, Fukuoka University, Japan. Email:

Mr. Renci Peng (Visiting Graduate Student 2015 - 2017), Tsinghua University, China

Mr. Zhonghui Shen (Visiting Graduate Student 2017), Tsinghua University, China

Mr. Yisen Hu (Visiting Graduate Student 2018), Tsinghua University, China