Research Overview

Alem group research is focused on the how advanced electron microscopy techniques can be utilized to further understand and address the existing challenges in novel nanostructures and devices.  We utilize Scanning/Transmission Electron Mocroscopy (S/TEM) imaging and spectroscopy and develop advanced data analysis and imaging techniques to further understand a variety of phenomena in materials including low dose imageing of beam sensitive materials, quantification of the sub-Angstrom relaxation effects in nanostructures as well as their plasmonic and electronic properties. 

Our research is focused on the atomically-driven aspects that can affect the resulting physical, chemical and electronic properties in nanostructures in static and dynamic conditions.  Among all, defects and interfaces can modulate the electronic, plasmonic and optical properties of nanostructures. They can significantly improve the catalytic activity and sensing properties.  In addition, they can act the nucleation sites in crystal growth.  Our group research is focused on how defects and interfaces can modulate the chemical and electronic structure of the crystals and further tailor their macroscale electronic, optical and, chemical properties. 

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Complex Oxides



Meta - Lattices

Carbon Nanothreads