Horizontal Chalcogenide CVD (MOCVD 1)


MOCVD1 is a cold wall horizontal gas source chemical vapor deposition system. Induction heating enables selective heating of the graphite susceptor while maintaining the quartz wall at a lower temperature. Water circulation through a quartz jacket maintains a constant wall temperature. The gas panel includes separate pressure-controlled run/vent manifolds for the metal and chalcogen sources to inhibit the precursors from mixing before the reaction zone. To increase uniformity across the wafer, gas foil rotation of the wafer holder is used. The gas manifold of the system handles hazardous gases, like hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen selenide efficiently and safely. Six solid or liquid precursor stations are available on the system, to enable the growth of a variety of materials in the same chamber without any exposure to ambient. A separate connection is available for chloride precursors. A water scrubber equipped with a sodium hydroxide neutralization system treats the reactor effluents to safe limits. 

A residual gas analyzer attached to the reaction chamber can do real time gas analysis. This helps in understanding the mechanism of the growth process.

The system is equipped with a nitrogen glove box, which prevents the reaction chamber exposure to moisture or the ambient. Sample loading and unloading is done in the glove box. Sealing of air-sensitive materials is also possible.


  • Cold wall reactor for 2” diameter substrates with adapter for 10 mm x 10 mm substrates
  • Gas foil rotation of wafer holder with argon for uniformity
  • Induction heating for graphite susceptor heating
  • Dual wavelength fiber optic pyrometer for monitoring substrate temperature
  • Toxic gas monitoring by integrated gas detection/exhaust and scrubber/safety system
  • Real time gas analysis via RGA and sampling system
  • Controlled atmosphere sample loading/unloading
  • 6 bubblers for liquid/solid sources and 4 gas source lines (H2Se, H2S)

Current Process Capabilities:

  • Wafer scale process developed: WS2, WSe2, MoS2, MoWS2 alloys
  • Metal Precursors: Mo(CO)6, W(CO)6
  • Chalcogen Precursors: H2S, H2Se, Diethyl Sulfide
  • Other gases: HCl
  • Carrier gas: Purified hydrogen


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