MIP Facilities

The unique properties of 2D chalcogenides often emerge in ultrathin or monolayer films, necessitating atomic-level control of film growth mode, stoichiometry, point defects and structural imperfections. To address these challenges, the 2DCC-MIP is developing advanced synthesis tools equipped with real-time, in-situ characterization tools that probe the growth, electronic structure, and materials properties of atomically thin films as well as bulk growth of layered chalcogenides.  The experimental work is supported by theoretical techniques including molecular dynamics simulations and reactive force-field modeling to address the complex kinetic issues surrounding materials synthesis.

The 2DCC user facilities for crystal growth and thin film deposition are housed in two buildings on the Penn State University Park campus – the Millennium Science Complex and Davey Laboratory.  The majority of the equipment is housed in three facilities on the first floor of the Millennium Science Complex – the MBE facility, the CVD facility and the Furnace facility.   These facilities comprise approximately 4,000 square feet of facility space dedicated to thin film deposition, crystal growth and materials processing and are located on the same floor as the Nanofabrication Laboratory.  Newly renovated space in room 35 Davey Laboratory houses the second MBE system.

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