Agenda subject to change.

DAY 1 – Monday, November 13, 2017

Location: Days Inn Penn State  / Room: Centre Commons


Check-in / Breakfast


Welcome and Charge by EFRI, DMREF and MIP Program Directors


EFRI Session 1 (20 min. each plus 5 min. questions)

  1. Balandin: Novel Switching Phenomena in Atomic Heterostructures for Multifunctional Applications (1433395, University of California-Riverside)
  2. Johnson: Functionalized Monolayer Heterostructures for Biosensors with Optical Readout (1542879, University of Pennsylvania)
  3. Lauhon: Scalable Growth and Fabrication of Anti-Ambipolar Heterojunction Devices (1433510, Northwestern University)
  4. Goldberger: Thermal and Electronic Anisotropies in Ge- and Sn- containing 2D Materials (1433467, Ohio State University)
  5. Pop: Energy Efficient Electronics with Atomic Layers (E3AL) (1542883, Stanford University)




MIP Session (15 min each plus 5 min discussion each; plus 30 min guided discussion)


  1. Schlom: MIP: Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (1539918, Cornell University) / Presentation
  2. Redwing: MIP: 2D Crystal Consortium (1539916, Penn State University) / Presentation
  3. Palm: An Overview of Data at the MagLab (National High Magnetic Field Lab) / Presentation


Group Lunch
Location: Linden/Porch/Parkside


DMREF Session 1 (15 min each, plus 15 min discussion for group)


  1. Cheon:  Data Mining and Machine Learning to Identify Thousands of Two-dimensional or Layered Materials and Their Properties (1455050, Stanford University)
  2. Madhavan: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (1629068, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  3. Miskin: Graphene-based bimorphs for micron-sized origami (1435829, Cornell University)
  4. Engel-Herbert: Materials design of correlated metals as novel transparent conductors (1629477, Penn State University)




EFRI Session 2 (20 min. each plus 5 min. questions)


  1. Huang: Solution Processible 2D Materials and Device Applications (1433541, University of California-Los Angeles)
  2. Robinson: 2D Charge Density Wave Materials and Devices (1433307, Penn State University)
  3. Terrones: Crystalline Atomically Thin Layers for Photonic Applications (1433311, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  4. Ye: Phosphorene, an Unexplored 2D High-mobility Semiconductor (1433459, Lehigh University)
  5. Xing: Monolayer Heterostructures: Epitaxy to Beyond-CMOS Devices (1433490, Cornell University)


Poster Session
Location: Centre Commons


Group Dinner
Location: Lindend/Porch/Parkside



Big Data and Machine Learning for Chemical & Materials Discovery
Presenter: Jed Pitera (IBM)
Location: Centre Commons


DAY 2 – Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Location: Days Inn Penn State, Room: Centre Commons




EFRI Session 3 (20 min. each plus 5 min. questions)

  1. Drndic: Two-dimensional Nanopores with Electro-optical Control for Next Generation Biotechnological Applications (1542707, University of Pennsylvania)
  2. Mohney/Jackson:  2D Crystals formed by Activated Atomic Layer Deposition (1433378, Penn State University)
  3. Cobden: Spin-Valley Coupling for Photonic and Spintronic Devices (1433496, University of Washington)
  4. Kim: Quantum Optoelectronics, Magnetoelectronics and Plasmonics in 2-Dimensional Materials Heterostructures (1542807, Harvard University)
  5. Zhang: 2D Valleytronics Device and Physics (1542741, University of California-Berkeley)




Data Enabled Science Session
Panel: Armand Beaudoin (U. Illinois, CHESS), Jed Pitera (IBM), Patrick Riley (Google)


DMREF Session 2 (15 min each, plus 15 min discussion for group)

  1. Rondinelli: Towards a Structure Genome of Metal-Insulator Transitions (1729303, Northwestern University)
  2. Kash: Heterovalent Ternary Nitride Semiconductors and Mixed Ternary-Binary Heterostructures (1533957, Case Western Reserve University)
  3. Rabe: High-Throughput Mapping of Functional Dielectric/Metallic Heterostructures (1334428, Rutgers University)
  4. Xing: Extreme Bandgap Semiconductors (1534303, Cornell University)


Group Lunch
Location: Linden/Porch/Parkside


DMREF Session 3 (15 min each, plus 15 min discussion for group)

  1. Toberer: Predicting the Anisotropic Transport Properties of Quasi-2D Crystalline Materials (1334713, Colorado School of Mines)
  2. Cen: Search for Magneto-electronic Behavior in Complex Fluoride-based Interfaces (1434897, West Virginia University)
  3. Uemura: Novel Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductors Isostructural to Iron-Based Superconductors (1436095, Columbia University)
  4. Chang: Synthesis, Characterization, and Modeling of Complex Amorphous Semiconductors for Future Device Applications (1729016, Northwestern University)




EFRI Session 4 (20 min. each plus 5 min. questions)

  1. Li: From Atoms to Devices: Pathways to Atomic Layer Optoelectronics via Multi-scale Imaging and Spectroscopy (1542747, University of Texas at Austin)
  2. Menon: Excitonics and Polaritonics using 2D Materials (ExPo2D) (1542863, CUNY City College of New York)
  3. Aksamija/Klie: Thermal Transport in 2D Materials for Next Generation Nanoelectronics- From Fundamentals to Devices (1542864, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Illinois at Chicago)
  4. Wu: Engineering Novel Topological Interface States in 2D Chalcogenide Heterostructures (1542798, Rutgers University-New Brunswick)
  5. Xia: Few-layer and Thin-film Black Phosphorus for Photonic Applications (1542815, Yale University)


Poster Session
Location: Centre Commons


Idea Pit (Interactive Brain-storming)
Location: Centre Commons


Group Dinner
Location: Linden/Porch/Parkside


DAY 3 – Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Location: Days Inn Penn State, Room: Centre Commons AND Millennium Science Complex (3rd Floor Commons), Penn State


Location: Linden/Porch/Parkside


Feedback on Data Effort
Discussion / White Paper Presentation Preparation
Location: Centre Commons


White Paper Discussion Time
Location: Centre Commons


Travel to Penn State Millennium Science Complex / Room: 3rd Floor Commons


Volunteer Presentation of White Papers
Location: Penn State Millennium Science Complex / Room: 3rd Floor Commons


Further Feedback on Data and Upcoming Steps
Location: Penn State Millennium Science Complex / Room: 3rd Floor Commons


Group Lunch
Location: Penn State Millennium Science Complex / Room: 3rd Floor Commons


Tour of MIP Facilities at Millennium Science Complex
Location: Penn State Millennium Science Complex