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Broader Impacts Highlights

Broader Impacts Highlights 2019

The Thin Films and In Situ Characterization Facility in the 2D Crystal Consortium – Materials Innovation Platform (2DCC-MIP) user facility includes a multimodule ultra-high vacuum system for the synthesis and study of two dimensional (2D) chalcogenide films by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) [upper panel].  The lower left panel shows a high resolution cross-sectional transmission electron microscope image of a complex 2D chalcogenide film synthesized in this facility. Such 2D films are characterized in their pristine state by transferring them in vacuo to surface sensitive characterization tools. The in vacuo environment avoids the modification of the inherent properties of these 2D films by exposure to ambient atmosphere. The electronic energy surface states in these 2D films are probed using angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) and scanning tunneling microscopy. The right lower panel shows ARPES measurements of a topological insulator thin film.

STEPFORWARD is a geospatial tool built on Google Maps API to identify minority serving institutions (MSIs), primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) and non-R1 institutions within a geographical radius of travel. Higher Education R&D data highlights institutions active in research fields of interest.


The tool enables 2DCC researchers and the broader community to identify a diverse range of institutions for outreach visits and research interactions. The 2DCC supports visits to these institutions as part of a travel extension program.

The 2DCC completed its 4th year of sponsorship of the Graphene and Beyond Workshop.  To date, >650 individuals from academia, government and industry across all career levels have attended.  The 2DCC has broadened participation by sponsoring travel and registration for dozens of users and potential users particular from MSIs and PUIs. The workshop enhances community synergy toward a strong future in 2D crystal science and technology. The workshop consists of tutorials and research talks focused on 2D material synthesis, properties, theory and optic/electronics as well as recent results from the 2DCC and facilitated discussion on commercialization opportunities for 2D materials.

In 2019, the 2DCC partnered with the 5th annual US/EU 2D Materials Workshop for a joint workshop that included speakers from across the globe including the Graphene Flagship.

LiST is a web-based data management software tool developed by the 2DCC to capture, organize and curate experimental and theory/simulation data produced by the facility and external users.

Under LiST, data follow the sample from substrate preparation to synthesis protocol, integrated UHV characterization, ex situ characterization, modeling, delivery, and publication, with fine-grained access control and community-accessible tools and data.