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Focus on Materials is the research bulletin of the Materials Research Institute and the faculty, students, and industrial partners engaged in materials research at Penn State. In this publication, you will find a range of informative stories on developments in electronic, optical and bio/medical materials, as well as energy, nanotechnology, and the environment. To be sure that you receive this free publication in the form that is most convenient for you, please take a moment to visit our online subscription management.

Focus on Materials Winter 2013-2014 Publication Cover

Computation from A to Z - Winter 2013-2014

In this issue of Focus on Materials, we will touch on a few of the many facets of computer technology and computational science as they relate to materials discovery and application. The history of computing is a remarkable story that is still unfolding. In fact, even after 60 years of rapid progress, we may still be reading only the first chapter. Meanwhile, researchers in the Materials Research Institute and Penn State are in the forefront of transistor development for next generation computers, as well as using computational techniques to develop advanced materials and materialsbased technologies.

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Summer 2013

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Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication

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Partnering with Industry for Materials Innovation in Two and Three Dimensions

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Discoveries in the Center for Nanoscale Science

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Nano Materials for Health, Energy, and Electronics

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Energy Storage: New Materials Meet the Need for Better Batteries and Capacitors

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Spring 2011

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Basic Science Drives Innovation

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Fall 2010

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Focus On Ultrasound

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Winter 2010

Focus On Materials - Winter 2010 - Instruments of Discover: Tools for the study, characterization, and metrology of materials

Instruments of Discovery: Tools for the study, characterization, and metrology of materials

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