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MRI Booklet Cover: providing centralized facilities and expert staff

Materials Research Institute Booklet and Brochures

Materials research spans more than a dozen disciplines. The Materials Research Institute (MRI) is the university-wide resource for the around 245 faculty at Penn State, providing centralized facilities and expert staff to help train the next generation of scientists and engineers and to perform the ground-breaking research that generates innovations in technologies and advances in knowledge.

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nanoscale cuts across many traditional disciplines

Nanotechnology at Penn State

Science and engineering at the nanoscale cuts across many traditional disciplines, including chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, and materials. In the discipline that most broadly interfaces with nanotechnology, materials science, Penn State is the national leader in research funding, peer-reviewed publications, and highly-cited researchers. Penn State also ranks highly in each of the disciplines mentioned above, with engineering and chemistry making the list of the top five universities in National Science Foundation rankings.

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Focus on Materials Spring 2015

Focus on Materials Magazines

Focus on Materials is the research bulletin of the Materials Research Institute and the faculty, students, and industrial partners engaged in materials research at Penn State. In this publication, you will find a range of informative stories on developments in electronic, optical and bio/medical materials, as well as energy, nanotechnology, and the environment.

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Nanotechnology at PSU