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MRI provides leadership both at Penn State and in the materials community worldwide, coordinating materials-related activities, maintaining core and shared facilities, training students, and fostering collegial exchanges of expertise.

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Noted Scientist Bernd Kabius

Noted Scientist Recruited to Make Impact in Electron Microscopy

Bernd Kabius has an intimate knowledge of the new transmission electron microscope recently acquired by the Materials Research Institute. He helped create it. More specifically, he was part of the team that developed the double aberration corrected TEM, an instrument similar to the new FEI Titan housed in a quiet lab.

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The Millennium Café Weekly Collaboration

The Millennium Café is a weekly dialogue catalyzed by coffee, snacks and two diverse research presentations (<10 min) involving students, faculty, and staff. The Café is free for students, faculty, staff, and the public.

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Every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

July 22, 2014:

A Novel Calorimetric Approach for the Rational Design of Supported Catalytic Systems
Megan Strayer | Mallouk Group

Research Challenges and Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing of Metals
Todd Palmer | Materials Science & Engineering

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Materials Research News & Press Releases

Video simulation showing the synchronization of oscillating vanadium dioxide switchesStrongly Interacting Electrons in Wacky Oxide Synchronize to Compute Like the Brain

May 14, 2014 - A device created by electrical engineers at Penn State uses a thin film of VO2 on a titanium dioxide substrate to create an oscillating switch.

Super-Stretchable Yarn Is Made of Graphene Super-Stretchable Yarn Is Made of Graphene

Researchers at Penn State and Shinshu University in Japan have developed a simple, scalable method of making graphene oxide (GO) fibers that are strong, stretchable and can be easily scrolled into yarns with strengths approaching that of Kevlar.

Customer Testimonials

The Nanofab at Penn State was instrumental in getting a customer program started for us. The technical staff quickly developed a material that met our design criteria which has enabled us to launch a prototype run for a novel MEMS device. Moving forward with the project, I have been impressed with the level of customer service and how quickly I was able to get trained in the Nanofab as a commercial lab user. The engagement here was differentiating for us and the staff support has allowed us to maintain our milestone timeline. The Penn State Nanofab has been a great technology partner. We look forward to completing this project successfully and expect to work on new projects together in the future.
Matt Apanius
As a small business resources are often limited, MCL worked with our engineers to produce micro featured gears for one of our medical devices. The bench top gear data was leveraged to support a successfully awarded Phase II NSF grant.
Maureen L. Mulvihill, PhD, President & CEO, Actuated Medical Inc (Bellefonte, PA)

Focus on Materials

The Millennium Café Weekly Collaboration

Winter/Spring Issue:

Focus on Materials is the research bulletin of the Materials Research Institute and the faculty, students, and industrial partners engaged in materials research at Penn State. In this publication, you will find a range of informative stories on developments in electronic, optical and bio/medical materials, as well as energy, nanotechnology, and the environment.

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