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Penn State

Dinesh Agrawalphoto-Dinesh Agrawal


Professor of Materials, and Engineering Science & Mechanics

Senior Scientist

Director of Microwave Processing and Engineering Center


107 MRL Bldg.

Penn State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 863-8034

FAX: (814) 865-2326

E-mail: Dinesh Agrawal



  • Ph.D. Solid State Science, Penn State University, 1979
  • M.Tech. Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, 1975
  • M.S., Physics, Banaras Hindu University, India, 1972


Research Interests:


  • Microwave processing of ceramics, composites, metals, etc.
  • Low thermal expansion materials
  • Ceramic processing
  • Rad-waste management


Professor Agrawal has over 30 years of experience in the area of materials processing for variety of applications. He has been a pioneer in the field of the application of microwave energy to develop energy efficient processing of variety of materials, including ceramics, composites, and metallic materials. Microwave processing is now emerging as a new innovative method to produce better, faster, cheaper, and greener products. Microwave technology has been developed for cemented carbides, multi-layer capacitors, electroceramics, and variety of other advanced and engineering materials. Dr. Agrawal has also been involved in the development of new low thermal expansion materials; he had co-developed a new family of low thermal expansion materials, now popularly known as [NZP]. His interests also include radio-active waste management, involving the development of ceramic waste forms using microwaves and traditional processes.


Technologies Impacted by Research:


  • Ceramics
  • Powder metals
  • Multi-layer capacitors
  • Electroceramics
  • Varistors
  • Cemented carbides
  • Ceramic waste forms
  • Low thermal expansion materials


Professional Experience:


2006-present Professor of Materials and Engr. Sci. & Mech.
1997 to present Director, Microwave Processing and Engineering Center
1997-2006 Senior Scientist and Professor of Materials
1989-1997 Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor of Materials
1988- 1989 Senior Research Associate




2008 Listed in Marquis Who’s Who: 2008
2006 Elected Professional member (academics) of World Academy of Ceramics
2005 Honored for completing 25 years of service to the Penn State
2004 Appointed Guest Professor at Wu Han University, China
2004 Nominated to Advisory Committee of International Microwave Power Institute
2003 Elected to the Technical Board of Microwave Working Group
1998 Honored by the International Union of Materials Research Societies by “Innovations in Real Materials Award” on the research in microwave processing of ceramics
1994 Honored for the research on “New Zero Expansion Ceramic Family NZP-CTP” by National Association of Science, Technology and Society (NASTS)


Selected Publications:


  1. 1. D.K. Agrawal and W.B. White, “Vibrational Spectra of the Intermediate Compounds in Y2O3-P2O5 and Gd2O3-P2O5 Systems", Mat. Res. Bull., 20(6), 697-704 (1985).
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  3. B.E. Scheetz, D.K. Agrawal, E. Breval and R. Roy, “Sodium Zirconium Phosphate (NZP) as a Host Structure for Nuclear Waste Immobilization: A Review, Waste Manag., 14(6), 489-505 (1994).
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  6. Y. Fang, M. Lanagan, D. Agrawal, G.Y. Yang, C. Randall, T. R. Shrout, A. Henderson, M. Randall, A. Tajuddin, “An Investigation Demonstrating the Feasibility of Microwave Sintering of Base-Metal-Electrode Multilayer Capacitors, J. Electroceramics, 15, 13-19 (2005).